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                網站首頁    AutomationDirect(美國)    美國automationdirect中一只同樣巨大國總代理


                • 美國automationdirect中國總代理







                  Shopping Categories

                  • Cables
                  • Circuit Protection / Fuses / Disconnects
                  • Communications
                  • Drives & Soft Starters
                  • Enclosures / Subpanels / Thermal Management / Lighting
                  • Field I/O
                  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
                  • Industrial Monitors
                  • Manuals
                  • Motion Control
                  • Motor Controls
                  • Motors
                  • PC-based Control
                  • Pneumatic Components
                  • Power Products (Electrical)
                  • Power Transmission (Mechanical)
                  • Process Control & Measurement
                  • Programmable Controllers
                  • Pushbuttons / Switches / Indicators
                  • Relays / Timers
                  • Safety
                  • Sensors / Encoders
                  • Software Products
                  • Stacklights
                  • Terminal Blocks
                  • Tools & Test Equipment
                  • Water (Potable) Components
                  • Wiring Solutions
                  • Remanufactured Products
                  • Retired Products


                  Learn More

                  • A to Z Product Index
                  • What's New
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                  In Depth Product Sites

                  • Programmable Logic Controllers
                  • Productivity1000 PLCs
                  • Productivity2000 PLCs
                  • Productivity3000 PLCs
                  • ProductivityOpen
                  • CLICK PLCs
                  • Do-more H2 PLCs or
                    Do-more T1H Series
                  • Do-more BRX PLCs
                  • C-more Touch Panels
                  • AC & DC Drives
                  • Servos
                  • StrideLinx
                  • Pneumatics


                  Product Selectors &
                  Configuration Utilities

                  • PLC Family Selector
                  • P1000 PLC Systems
                  • P2000 PLC Systems
                  • P3000 PLC Systems
                  • CLICK PLC Systems
                  • Do-more BRX PLC Systems
                  • ProductivityOpen Systems
                  • AC Motors
                  • SureServo Complete Systems
                  • Timing Belts & Pulleys
                  • SureGear Gearboxes
                  • Protos X I/O
                  • Datalogic Safety Light Curtains
                  • Stellar Soft Starters
                  • Pneumatic Gripper

                  Interactive PLC Selector Interactive PLC Selector


                  Open source controller

                  Combined with Productivity's proven reliability

                  PreviousNextMulti Conductor Cable

                  Shop Multi-Conductor Cable 

                  Stride Field IO

                  Shop STRIDE Field I/O 

                  NITRA Rodless Cylinders

                  Shop NITRA Rodless Cylinders 

                  Weg drives

                  Shop Weg Drives & Soft Starters 

                  Hammond Enclosures

                  Shop Hammond Enclosures 

                  Leadshine Stepper Drives

                  Shop Leadshine Stepper Drives 


                  New and Trending

                  All New Products 

                  • FREE EASA Book

                    Get your FREE 
                    EASA Book

                  • Food and Beverage Idea Book

                    Food and Beverage Industry Idea Book Free Download

                  • ProSense Motor Control Relays

                    ProSense Motor Control Relays

                  • MurrElektronik 5-pole M8 Cables

                    5-pole M8 Cables

                  • QM Series Photoelectric Sensors

                    Wenglor 50x50mm Rectangular Sensors

                  • ProSense Digital Panel Meters

                    ProSense Digital Panel Meters

                  • Schmersal IP69K Rated Joysticks

                    Schmersal IP69K Rated Joysticks

                  • NITRA A-series Filter Elements

                    NITRA A-series Filter Elements

                  • Analog Sensors

                    Contrinex Analog Sensors

                  • Area Flow Meters

                    ProSense Variable Area Flow Meters

                  • Ironhorse Helical Bevel Gearboxes

                    Ironhorse Helical Bevel Gearboxes

                  • ProSense Vortex Flow Sensors

                    ProSense Vortex Flow Sensors

                  • Eaton Electronic Overloads

                    Eaton Electronic Overloads

                  • Comepi Limit Switches

                    Comepi Limit Switches

                  • Photoelectric Sensors

                    D04 & M5 Photoelectric Sensors

                  • Photoelectric Sensors

                    Proximity Sensors

                  • ProSense Thermal Flow Sensors

                    ProSense Thermal Flow Sensors

                  • Hammond 3PH Ventilated Transformers

                    Hammond 3PH Ventilated Transformers

                  Video Tutorials


                  Product Manuals


                  Learning Library


                  Free Online 
                  PLC Training


                  Tech Support 
                  and Forum


                  Online Catalog


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                  Contact Us

                  Programmable Control

                  PLC Selector ThumbnailInteractive PLC Selector 


                  Productivity Open ThumbnailProductivity
                  Open Controller CLICK PLCs ThumbnailCLICK PLCs Productivity PLCs ThumbnailProductivity PLCs Do-more PLCs ThumbnailDo-more BRX/H2/T1 PLCs DirectLOGIC PLCs ThumbnailDirectLOGIC PLCs 

                  Field I/O

                  Protos X  ThumbnailProtos X Terminator ThumbnailTerminator Stride Field I/O ThumbnailSTRIDE

                  HMI (Operator Interfaces)


                  C-more Headless HMI ThumbnailC-more Headless HMI 

                  Touch Panels

                  Touch Panels ThumbnailTouch Panels Micro Touch Panels ThumbnailMicro Touch Panels Message Displays ThumbnailMessage Displays Industrial Monitors ThumbnailIndustrial Monitors



                  Stride MQTT Gateway ThumbnailSTRIDE MQTT Gateway VPN Secure Remote Access ThumbnailVPN Secure Remote Access Industrial IoT Solutions ThumbnailIndustrial IoT Solutions Ethernet Switches ThumbnailEthernet Switches Ethernet Converters ThumbnailEthernet Converters Serial ThumbnailSerial Cables & Accessories ThumbnailCables & Accessories

                  Drives and Soft Starters


                  WEG CFW100DrivesWEG CFW100 

                  AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

                  Micro ThumbnailMicro General purpose drive ThumbnailGeneral Purpose High Performance Drives ThumbnailHigh Performance Drive Accessories ThumbnailVFD Accessories Soft Starters ThumbnailSoft Starters DC Drives ThumbnailDC Drives

                  Motor Controls


                  Definite Purpose Contactors ThumbnailDefinite Purpose Contactors 


                  3-Pole Mini Contactors Thumbnail3-Pole Mini Contactors 4-Pole Mini Contactors Thumbnail4-Pole Mini Contactors 

                  Fuji Electric

                  Contactors & Overloads ThumbnailContactors & Overloads Manual Motor Starters ThumbnailManual Motor Starters IEC Contactor ThumbnailIEC Motor Controls Definite Purpose Contactors ThumbnailDefinite Purpose Contactors Non-fusible Motor Disconnects ThumbnailNon-fusible Motor Disconnects Motor Control Relays ThumbnailMotor Control Relays



                  4 in 1 Motors Thumbnail4-in-1 AC Motors General Purpose AC Motors ThumbnailGeneral Purpose AC Motors Definite Purpose AC Motors ThumbnailDefinite Purpose AC Motors Inverter Duty AC Motors ThumbnailInverter Duty AC Motors Motor Bases ThumbnailAC Motor Bases General Purpose DC Motors ThumbnailDC Motors DC GearMotors ThumbnailDC GearMotors

                  Motion Control


                  High Bus Voltage Stepper SystemsNew! High Bus Voltage Stepper Systems Servo System Components ThumbnailServo System Components Stepper System Components ThumbnailStepper System Components Linear Motion ThumbnailLinear Motion

                  Mechanical Power Transmission


                  Servo Couplings  ThumbnailServo Couplings 

                  Ironhorse General Purpose Gearboxes

                  Cast Iron Worm ThumbnailCast Iron Worm Aluminum Worm ThumbnailAluminum Worm Cast Iron Helical ThumbnailCast Iron Helical Shaft Mount ThumbnailShaft Mount General Purpose Helical Bevel Gearboxes ThumbnailCast Iron Helical Bevel Servo Gearboxes ThumbnailServo Gearboxes NEMA Motor Precision Gearboxes ThumbnailNEMA Motor Precision Gearboxes Drive Couplings ThumbnailDrive CouplingsDrive Bushings ThumbnailDrive Bushings Bore ReducersBore Reducers Timing Belts & Pulleys ThumbnailTiming Belts & Pulleys Linear Slides & Actuators ThumbnailLinear Slides & Actuators Linear ShaftsLinear Shafts Linear Shaft SupportsLinear Shaft Supports Rotary ShaftsRotary Shafts Grooved Rotary Shafts ThumbnailGrooved Rotary Shafts Polyer Bearings ThumbnailPolymer Bearings

                  Discrete & Analog Sensing


                  Fiber Optic Amps ThumbnailFiber Optic Amps 

                  Proximity Sensors

                  Inductive ThumbnailInductive Magnetic ThumbnailMagnetic Capactive ThumbnailCapacitive Ultrasonic ThumbnailUltrasonic Encoders ThumbnailEncoders Limit Switches ThumbnailLimit Switches Current & Voltage Sensors ThumbnailCurrent & Voltage Sensors Ground Fault Sensors ThumbnailGround Fault Sensors

                  Photoelectric Sensors

                  Visible / Infrared ThumbnailVisible / Infrared Laser ThumbnailLaser Area Light Screen ThumbnailArea / Light Screen Fiber Optic ThumbnailFiber Optic Color ThumbnailColor Contrast ThumbnailContrast Fork ThumbnailFork

                  Process Sensing & Control


                  ProSense?? Variable Area Flow Meters ThumbnailProSense® Variable Area Flow Meters Temperature Sensors & Transmitters ThumbnailTemperature Sensors & Transmitters Dial Thermometers ThumbnailDial Thermometers Pressure Sensors ThumbnailPressure Sensors Pressure Gauges ThumbnailPressure Gauges Level Sensors & Controllers ThumbnailLevel Sensors & Controllers Flow Sensors ThumbnailFlow Sensors Temp / Process Controllers ThumbnailTemp/ Process Controllers Panel Meters ThumbnailPanel MetersSignal Conditioners ThumbnailSignal Conditioners 

                  Solenoid Process Valves

                  Pipeline ThumbnailPipeline Media Separated Pipeline  ThumbnailMedia Separated Pipeline Industrial IoT Solutions ThumbnailIndustrial IoT Solutions

                  Water (Potable) Components


                  Reinforced PVC Hose ThumbnailReinforced PVC Hose Pressure Regulators ThumbnailPressure Regulators Solenoid Valves ThumbnailSolenoid Valves Flexible Tubing & Hose ThumbnailFlexible Tubing & Hose Push-to-Connect Fittings ThumbnailPush-to-Connect Fittings Special Purpose Fittings ThumbnailSpecial Purpose Fittings Brass Fittings ThumbnailBrass Fittings Hose Clamps ThumbnailHose Clamps

                  Pushbuttons / Switches / Indicators


                  Signal Horn Thumbnail100mm Large Signal Horns & Light Towers 

                  Fuji Electric Pilot Devices

                  22mm Thumbnail22mm series 30mm Thumbnail30mm series 

                  GCX Series Pilot Devices

                  22mm Metal Thumbnail22mm Metal series 22mm Plastic Thumbnail22mm Plastic series 

                  Eaton Pilot Devices

                  22mm Thumbnail22mm series 30mm Thumbnail30mm series 


                  Foot Switches Thumbnail22mm IP69K Pilot Devices

                  Control Stations

                  HAZLOC ThumbnailHAZLOC E-Stop ThumbnailE-Stop 

                  Signal Devices

                  Audible ThumbnailAudible Visual ThumbnailVisual Visual-Audible ThumbnailVisual-Audible 

                  WERMA Stacklights

                  Components ThumbnailComponents Pre-assembled ThumbnailPre-assembled Signal Column ThumbnailSignal Column Foot Switches ThumbnailFoot Switches


                  Patlite ThumbnailPre-assembled Signal Tower StationSignal Tower Station

                  Relays & Timers


                  DIN Mount Solid State Relays ThumbnailDIN Mount Solid State Relays Electro-mechanical Relays ThumbnailElectro-mechanical Relays Solid State Relays ThumbnailSolid State Relays Phase Monitoring Relays ThumbnailPhase Monitoring Relays Alternating Relays ThumbnailAlternating Relays Pump Seal Failure Relays ThumbnailPump Seal Failure Relays Intrinsically Safe Relays ThumbnailIntrinsically Safe Relays Relay Sockets and Accessories ThumbnailRelay Sockets and Accessories Timers / Counters / Tach ThumbnailTimers / Counters / Tach

                  NITRA Pneumatics


                  Solenoid Valves Cables & Connectors ThumbnailSolenoid Valves Cables & Connectors Air Prep (FRL) ThumbnailAir Prep (FRL) Valves ThumbnailSolenoid Valves Pipeline Valves ThumbnailProcess (Pipeline) Valves Valves ThumbnailAir Pilot Valves Valves ThumbnailManual Air Valves Rodded Air Cylinders ThumbnailRodded Air Cylinders Rodless AirCylinders ThumbnailRodless Air Cylinders Rotary Actuators & Grippers ThumbnailRotary Actuators & GrippersCylinder Position Switches ThumbnailCylinder Position Switches I/P Transducers ThumbnailI/P Transducers 


                  Aluminum ThumbnailAluminum Stainless ThumbnailStainless Polypropylene ThumbnailPolypropylene Nylon ThumbnailNylon Air Jet ThumbnailAir Jets Exhaust Silencer ThumbnailExhaust Silencers Tubing & Hose ThumbnailTubing & HoseHose Clamps ThumbnailHose Clamps Threaded Fittings ThumbnailThreaded Fittings 

                  Push-to-Connect Fittings

                  NPT ThumbnailNPT R-Thread ThumbnailR-Thread G-Thread ThumbnailG-Thread Plastic Union ThumbnailPlastic Union Stainless ThumbnailStainless Special Purpose ThumbnailSpecial Purpose Swivel Air Fittings ThumbnailSwivel Air FittingsAir Couplings ThumbnailAir Couplings Pneumatic Accessories ThumbnailPneumatic Accessories



                  ASO Safety Bumpers ThumbnailASO Safety Bumpers Safety Switches ThumbnailSafety Switches Safety Limit Switches ThumbnailSafety Limit Switches Modular Safety Integrated Controllers ThumbnailSafety Controllers Safety Relays ThumbnailSafety Relays Light Curtains ThumbnailLight Curtains Trapped Key Switches ThumbnailTrapped Key Switches Safety Mats ThumbnailSafety Mats Safety Edges and Bumpers ThumbnailSafety Edges & Bumpers

                  Electrical Power